We do visual search

With breakthrough artificial intelligence and deep learning

GrokStyle is a deep learning AI company that is the leading provider of visual search solutions for e-commerce and retail. Our award-winning algorithm leverages deep learning to rapidly and accurately identify objects within a photograph. Searches can be conducted on a variety of images drawn from websites, catalogs, magazines, social media and personal collections. There are no constraints on the input images; our platform can instantly identify products whether they are shown on their own or as part of a larger scene. Removing the constraints of traditional text search, GrokStyle expands the world of inspiration with visual discovery.

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About us

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Prof. Kavita Bala
Founder / Chief Scientist
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Dr. Sean Bell
Founder / CEO
Thumb avatar 1494443353
Krishna Bharat
Founding Advisor
Thumb avatar 1494442363
Kathleen Tuite
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1494442484
Aparajit Raghavan
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1494442502
Alexis Chan
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1495148039
A. Mitra Morgan
Business Development
Thumb avatar 1496684925
Sami Alsheikh
Machine Learning Engineer
Thumb avatar 1508116652
Dr. Daniel Hauagge
Machine Learning Scientist
Thumb avatar 1508969144
Edward Pizzi
Software Engineer


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Thomas Seguin
Software Engineering Intern
Thumb avatar 1505261197
Rolina Wu
Software Engineering Intern
Thumb avatar 1496684776
Naxin Chen
Software Engineering Intern

Join Us

What we stand for

GrokStyle is hiring! Join our team of top research scientists and engineers.

Diversity is important to us and we actively avoid hiring “high performing jerks.” We have managed to maintain a healthy gender ratio on our team (50:50 balanced). This is easy to do with a small team, but as we grow our goal is to maintain this with the right company values and referral system.

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We are hiring!

Backend / Full Stack Engineer
  • San Francisco, United States

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Competitive salary and equity compensation
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Flexible vacation (PTO) policy and paid sick leave

Located in San Francisco

Right next to Caltrain

GrokStyle HQ

450 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA